Designer Michael Nashef
                            Designer Michael Nashef

My name is Michael Nashef, I graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts of Metal/Jewelry Design from Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University. Currently I am working on my MFA in 3D Studies with a concentration in Metal/Jewelry Design at Bowling Green State University.

I am owner and designer of a Bridal line called “Intersecting Hearts“, I enjoy teaching at Kendall College of Art and Design, furthermore I have many other interests such as Wood working, gardening, and cooking; Traveling is also one of my absolute favorites, especially when I go to cities that are rich with architecture and design, since that is the source of my inspiration for my jewelry designs. Some might say it is not too original, but my answer to them is “it is not where you take things from- it is where you take them to.” – Jean Luc Godard.

My Artist statement:

I find a great deal of comfort in modern architecture, its streamlined designs, clean lines, strong geometric shapes and asymmetry. What fueled my thirst for modern design was the lack of modern architecture growing up in Lebanon during civil war. Outdated, “bullet hole” filled buildings and old architecture made me long for that clean and polished surface look that I saw in books.

Later on, I was fortunate to have traveled in my twenties to some of the world’s most impressive works of architecture and engineering feats, the old and new architecture set the road for my undergrad thesis work.

I draw a lot from architecture, however architecture is only an appendix of a whole body of inspiration which is nature. Although my undergrad thesis was inspired from architecture, in the recent years I have been drawn more towards nature and the organic patterns, shapes, and colors it has to offer.

Lately all my designs efforts have been focused on engagement diamond rings for my new company. I would like to go back to conceptual design and be able to explore more with newer design ideas and concepts and the use of different materials and processes, I am not afraid to test something new and explore it in order to create something different.

Feel free to send me your feedback and suggestions. Use my Contact page to contact me for prices or to inquire about any piece you see in my portfolio.